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        PEKOTA is Industrial Elegance, a style created by designer Marco Pecota. It is a marriage of the industrial aesthetic with the sophisticated elegance of a bygone era. We are a design firm based in Toronto specializing in designing and manufacturing furniture, lighting, and architectural elements. Pekota aspires to change the way you look at the objects that surround you. We stand by our values to be innovative and passion driven. All our pieces are Canadian made and crafted in the Junction neighbourhood of Toronto. Our store includes our ever-growing retail line of products, as well as a selection of hand picked items for the home from around the world.


        Marco Pecota is CEO and Creative Director of PEKOTA, whose firm belief is that we should surround ourselves with art and beauty. Doing this inspires us to share our own creativity, have better lives, and achieve greater heights. His talent spans multiple disciplines - from film, to publishing, to design. Marco serves as co-publisher of Rue Morgue Magazine, a top-rated horror publication, as well as founder of VVV Motion Pictures which has produced numerous award-winning films. 

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